Tuesday, July 2, 2013

Time Travel: Memory Travel: We Want Your Comments

Time Travel. Memory travel.

So different from all the amazing places in this wonderful world Mom and I saw both together and separately when we lived in a different time and she lived in a different place.

Just reread my first blog post. April 9, 2013. Not even three months ago.

I've written volumes about what's happened as it happened but never put it "out there" for everyone to see before starting this blog.

It was my way of trying to put the pieces of the puzzle together along with researching and trying to find someone, anyone, some organization, any organization, who could give me direction, guidance and above all, hope.

Before the blog I was still floundering in the remnants of the Tsunami Julia H. created in our family's life. A violent, destructive force of action moving everything in its path to another location; there is no control, you ride it out or you perish within its force. Then, comes the end that's the beginning of picking up the pieces of your life as you try to survive, one day at a time.

Only with Julia H., it wasn't just one Tsunami, Julia's kept creating more storms and more upheaval along the way. She's still trying.

Today, we see beyond what Julia does; we have more ways to ride out her storms and we continue to search for ways to put an end to her wrecking havoc on our lives. We work each day to stop her from finding other targets or marks for what we believe are financial and emotional abuse of the elderly.

A word to those of you who may be enduring similar challenges:  take each day as it comes, the good and the bad, believe there is an end and you are reaching out for it by seeking truth and bringing it into the light.

So much seems to have changed and yet so much is the same. With Mom's physical and mental abilities. LBD is a constant roller coaster so it's really hard to predict or even observe if a specific "change" is permanent or temporary.

Perhaps I should be grateful for the latter. I've read about the projected road ahead. I've travelled that most difficult part of that road, end of life, already, with someone I love.

It's not a journey of choice; it's a journey of life.

What I'm trying to discover now, on this part of our "trek", concerns the hallucinations and delusions of Lewy Body Dementia. So much that's written is general in nature and what I'm looking for are commentaries from caregivers as the experiences are happening.

Relating that LBD patients often see distortions of facial features or other physical features and attributing that to possible vision challenges and the brain's creating the "illusion" is not as helpful as having people who've experienced these hallucinations and delusions specifically detailing what they are, when they occur and the physical and mental abilities or losses also observed.

I'll detail Mom's vivid hallucinations and delusions in an additional entry.

AN INVITATION:  If you or anyone you know has or care gives for someone with LBD, please leave a message and detail your experiences.

Sharing our living with LBD serves as the best guide for all of us and will hopefully encourage the medical profession to examine more closely the mental and physical challenges of Lewy Body Dementia.

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