Sunday, March 1, 2015

Live Long And Prosper: A Credo for The Aging and Aged Who Are Not "Leftovers"

There are many paid for services for those who can provide the ways and means.

For any who have endured life challenges that have used savings or savings have deteriorated due to job loss or other life events and for those who have had what little remains taken away through Undue Influence, their fate is set by the low to non existent standards and practices in place within our society.

These are the people who are society's "LEFTOVERS" -- the remains of what was valued, enjoyed, coveted and used. 

Now, no longer needed or wanted, some form of disposal must be found. Currently we shelve. As our economy becomes more "needful" will we turn to other means to ensure those who "can do" will be provided for and those who cannot will not just be ill provided for or will be refused provision?

My Mom's life became controlled by "higher powers" when a false report was made to the Missouri Elder Abuse Hotline.

No notification given to me "the accused".

No investigation of me or my daughter, who were both care giving Mom and my husband/daughter's father.

No questioning my husband who was basically bed ridden with openings across his stomach draining out his fecal material and urine as to his well being.

Why didn't they work to remove him?

Or were they believing taking Mom "out of" the environment would make the challenges of care giving "less" and therefore "better".

Right. Now we had to split our time between the house and the Long Term Care Facility and overcome the challenges incurred by an Undue Influencer who was "in control".

Decisions thought to be "in her best interest" by someone who had no real idea who Mom was or had been and no idea or even information directly gathered from our family members.

This "government official" was "doing her job" thinking if a person, a "professional", a "medical" professional, reported abuse, it must certainly be so. 


Does that diploma confer honesty and integrity? 

Does that diploma cast aside or replace avarice and greed or a desire for self power? 

This "government official" failed to do "her job" when she failed to be the monitor, the adversary for all, and especially when she failed to recognize the preponderance of evidence to the contrary of what was being said and done

This "government official" entrusted with the health and well being of society as a whole through the Department of Health and Senior Services, was so ill informed and so poorly trained for her position that she walked into a hospital room with a critically ill Senior citizen where the very entry was closed and clearly posted "Gown and gloves required to enter" and put on neither as she brought in who knows what causing more pain and suffering and eventual death.

Since when does the government allow someone to steal? 

To take openly and freely from our elderly? 

When the person has "credentials", they're not thought of as thieves but rather "friends" and "protectors" of another's possessions. That's how our society entered into many financial crisis -- trust misplaced.

My Mom went from full Social Security to an "allowance" of $30 a month, a shared room and bathroom with a stranger, no ability for privacy and being told when, where and how she would live and would function. 

A lifestyle she'd often seen, never wanted and made it very clear these were her wishes and for almost forty years,
through the good times and the challenges of increasing medical and psychological needs.

I made sure my Mom remained a part of the family she loved, she supported and she valued.

Until Undue Influence, in the form of a woman who worked to gain her trust and ours, who outwardly represented the epitomy of trust as a Registered Nurse, 

someone who "took care" of the Elderly and, above all, who held positions of public visibility within our Church in one of the highest positions given of being a Lector, 

could not resist the opportunity to control, to gain financially and to continue to ensure Mom, "the ball", was kept in play the way she wanted. 

An avid tennis player who won significant awards in College and still competes on the amateur circuit, has found another game where she can excel well into her later years and beyond the high level of physical durability.

Lies and distortions of truth personally crafted by the woman who came into our family's life, a wolf in sheep's clothing, pretending to care -- as she has done with others and continues to do today. As she said when asked about the report to the Elder Abuse Hotline and the disappearance of money, "You can't prove it." She's right. For now.

Yet evidence shows the DHSS official actively participated in ensuring the removal of Mom's only remaining protection when she assisted with the removal of the POA that had been in place albeit not used and held for "the time" when Mom could not make decisions for herself. 

The DHSS official did not go through the courts, did not seek medical evaluation, instead she acted without fact, without evidence and without knowledge of Dementia, especially Lewy Body Dementia and embraced and valued someone with an agenda using Undue Influence.

A POA trust given and a trust accepted knowing the full responsibility of enacting that trust. 

A trust removed without ensuring the safety and well being of a community of Seniors, one man and two women, and a younger citizen of the State of Missouri, for whom this "representative" worked and pledged to protect and serve. 

Why? With what evidence? 

How can this happen? Watching the news this morning an expose on the "activities" of some of our government employees and their "work" watching porn on the job and spending hundreds of thousands of taxpayer dollars on their own entertainment is only the tip of the iceberg.

As upsetting as the waste of money is, the waste of a life is even more critical and crucial to stop.

Will it happen to you? It can and it does on a daily basis as we legislate and remove or fail to include protection for the innocent as well as shield the guilty.

My experience has been the administration of our laws through any agency directly connected with an overseeing governmental department is often staffed by individuals with the lowest level of credentials and abilities. 

Even those who are highly competent may be ill educated and lack the ability to move or make decisions as they're bound by the chains of words and directives causing lack of action and causing misaction.

What do we do with "leftovers"? Many throw them away. Others realize their value and combine them with "ingredients" sustaining and lengthening the prosperity of the whole.

When will we value the life that has been lived by the many and not just the few?
When will our laws protect all and not just those who know how to manipulate and control those who are supposed to defend and protect?

In the words of the late Lenoard Nimoy, "Live Long And Prosper" should be a part of all lives, those who have the ways and means and those who, for whatever reason, do not.

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