Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Dementia Is Visible and Manageable

One friend tells me I "see" Dementia everywhere.

Another friend notices changes in their loved one but doesn't equate them to possible Dementia.

DEMENTIA. It's the "new" CANCER.  

Without known causes, medications to "eliminate" or the ability to diagnose until stages are very evident for some types of Dementia, we react humanly and reject, refuse to consider and prefer the subject isn't part of the conversation.

CONSIDER:  The man or woman you've known for many years, lived with through many life challenges and choices, seems to be getting "MORE DIFFICULT" and behaviours that were once considered to be assets are now becoming disturbing and disruptive.

CONSIDER:  It might not be a choice, it might not be changeable and it may be progressive and that is Dementia.

DEMENTIA is NOT the plague. DEMENTIA is NOT an immediate death sentence. DEMENTIA IS workable, may be controllable and if we demand more research, more humane treatment of those with the disease and more investment in research, WE WILL HAVE MORE CONTROL AND MORE POSITIVE CAPABILITIES.

Watched as one older person added and readded a column of figures on a restaurant check the other night. 

Remember Mom doing the same. Thought nothing of it at the time. Regular aging, right? Due to cataracts or other eye problems perhaps? Just getting older ....

While some might see this as being responsible, checking the bill, the amount of time and number of times the figures are gone over suggest there is some cognitive functioning abilities that are declining or have declined.

We simply do not recognize the brain functioning and processing as being affected and that's a medical condition and not always "controllable".  This is because we see this as "AGING" and believe it is normal, there is no ability to correct it or work with it. Not always true. 

Time for meds? Maybe not. Maybe so. You and they will have to decide where they are and what choices, the full range not the limitations of "either" and "or". 

Falling. Well, says one friend, her mother is "so old" it's "to be expected". Really? We expect to fall because we're "of a certain age". If a child who has walked well for years begins to fall, do we use that "reasoning"? Of course not! We realize there is a possibility of something going on in the brain.

So, do we take away the cane, the walker or other aid used by the aging person?

Depends. Sometimes, it's an advancement from a cane to a walker that's needed and most medical specialists will tell you it's far better to transition from a cane to a walker before it becomes a necessity. This means before someone is unable to walk without direct support -- a cane must be lifted and placed, a walker can be lifted or rolled. Using a rolling walker seems like it takes less ability but actually it takes the ability to maintain balance and coordination.

WATCH. LISTEN. LEARN. READ reputable sites focusing on educating and enlightening about Dementia in all its forms and those specifically directed to one of the forms.

Here's the connection to my latest find:

Dementia Care Central

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