Wednesday, May 6, 2020

More Than 5,500 Pandemic Deaths Stimulate Investigations Long Term Care -- HALLELUJAH!

Eight years of writing this blog.  

I tried to start a movement but too many were "too busy" with their "lives" to do more than read.

A Pandemic occurs. Long Term Care Deaths at 5,500 -- that's the number we've been told about as of today.

It will rise. We still have far too many States that have not "opened wide the doors" to turn these facilities into the medical residences they are supposed to be.

Do Not Turn Away....Do Not Walk Away...Move Into

The Killing Fields I called it and many still turned aside.

Somewhere, somehow, I can only hope, someone took notice and a "movement" began to Keep Our Seniors Safe in Long Term Care.

Many US Citizens family members die today and have died since January 2020 as victims of the system that gives "closed societies", as Long Term Care is, the right to hide from prospective residents, residents, families and friends and the general public adherence to standards of caregiving that would not be tolerated in Hospitals or Child Care Facilities.

Law Revisions. Law additions. 

Accountability.   Open Records. More Transparency.

Reports can be made without disclosing personal information; there are thousands of reports each day given on line, to the governments and to we, the people, that include statistics from which we make choices and decisions.

Long Term Care is not among these.

Long Term Care is a medical level of caregiving.

Who Will Stand Up For Our Seniors? 

Who Will Change Laws and Enforce Them?

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