Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Boomers -- NOT following in the footsteps of The Silent Generation

Remember the movie where the person hangs out the window and shouts, "I'm mad as HELL.. and I'm NOT going to take it anymore"? 

It's time for Senior Home Owners to raise their voices against Senior Discrimination -- a rising force against many of our most vulnerable members of society.

Insistance a specific type of housing is a "right" of one "class of people" verges on  a way of life we've fought against for centuries.

Taking over a home, "land grabs", being designed as "rights" or "entitlement" are concerning.

The Generation surviving predatory financing practices is now faced with anger and frustration surrounding what they believe is "a right" -- home ownership.

Where is it written attaining a specific age in life comes with any "guarantees"?

Under a mask of "what's better for a specific group, a huge increase in multi-storied, buy in "residences" with month to month "occupancy" -- aka 'apartments" with a different "spin" for those 65 and older -- is a financial gain for a select few  and a financial burden increasing dependency for many.

Taking your turn has morphed into a movement to verbally force Seniors to sell their homes to younger generations. 

"Property investors", those who once were individuals who saw an opportunity for a little additional income to buy a "second house", often in a "vacation area", for their own enjoyment and to make a little extra income. have turned to seeing housing as a financial base for income or an expense to adjust taxation.

Those same investor individuals and groups have now seized on buying houses and apartments for one of two reasons: (1) a stream of income and/or (2) a means of tax deductions.

We've moved from personal "body parts" shameing to shameing our Senior Population for "living the American Dream" of continuing home ownership they've earned, planned for and looked forward to enjoying in their "older years".

Entitlement has moved "what I want, when I want it" or I'll have a "tantrum" from children of all ages and stages to adults continuing to put their "wants" and "desires" ahead of their parents and grandparents.

This MOST concerning practice is becoming an undercurrent of "financial planning" that will most likely cause significant challenges for many.

Some societies with very different types of government have placed and still operate on the basis of "perceived need by the governing entity" and "for those who are deemed as worthy of having this benefit due to position or who they serve". 

Controversial? Off the Wall? UnAmerican? 

It's time we stopped talking to ourselves and believing it will all work out because what we see in "the system" of Care For The "Aging" is mainly shelving, removing from general sight and drugging many beyond their needs or wants.

Our children and grandchildren are next in line and if they don't see now, they'll feel later, perhaps with more restrictions, requirements and resolutions to ensure THEIR generation is the one to move in the direction "wanted" and "needed".

Turn off, tune out if you want, but all ages are moving towards this time and it's not a vacation, no matter what THEY tell you.

These "new living facilities" that are structured for Seniors -- who has authority on their actions and practices? The ones where you "offer up" a "deposit" of $5,000 (yes, obviously meant for those "middle to upper level" Seniors) and you gain a "ticket" to socialize and "get to know" others who have done the same. 

Aren't they just glorified apartment complexes for "old" people? 

A way to get them to move out of their homes and "make way" for other generations? 

Move Seniors out of developed neighborhoods with various in place "conveniences", familiar surroundings and PRIVACY. . .Into multi storied buildings, dependent on elevators . . . or for cost concerns, only outside steps they'll be able to negotiate FOR A FEW MORE YEARS AT MOST

Seniors are being "blamed" for escalating home and property prices. 

INTERESTING SHIFTING of RESPONSIBLITY. A tactic used by bullies and those who want to monopolize -- blame the most vulnerable, the least protected.

Get an apartment, a condo, move to Florida or another area where Seniors are "grouped together" -- as though we need to isolate this very active and actionable group of people. 

NO REAL natural greenery to care for and about . . .  

A room or two . . . that's all "YOU" need

Those are the many, there are the few that are "home like" and even stand alone or are duplexes BUT these are the exception AND THEY COME WITH A HIGH INVESTMENT USUALLY THE ENTIRE SINGLE FAMILY HOME INVESTMENT. 


A HOME with rooms and outside space to move around, provide ability to recall and remember

A PLACE to sit in a private setting, without having to accommodate someone else's wants and needs -- there becomes small area with limited personal space. 

BOOMERS  (thankfully most have removed the word "baby" as we certainly do not qualify for use of that word except when born) . . . 

CREATED disruption, disenchantment, disbelief and questioning authority -- among great discoveries and practices for the good of all the world and pushed for diversification and acceptance of all races, beliefs, life styles.

Hey...maybe that's the "real concern" -- we demonstrated, we went the full mile in protesting -- mostly peacefully -- for human rights. We're still doing it!

Boomers hid under desks told they could survive an Atomic Bomb if they did; followed in other's footsteps only walking in different more varied directions; reached out over barriers of time and into space, marched in protests, joined in Hands Across America and opened the doors of the world, one trip at a time

We Started The Fire . . . for truth, for acceptance, for inclusion, for disrupting. 

On Boomer's and earlier generation's shoulders, the world used sight, sound and unity to create needed change including acceptance and inclusion.

Those "babies" made disruptive waves long before it was acceptable and felt the anger and frustration of a society determined to mold them and change them.

Here to tell you" they" didn't succeed. Our eyes were opened. Life does that to you.

Other generations had Wars overseas, we had a War building and raging at home. 

Children were subjected to being "taught" exactly what to believe and had no computer to "seek truth"

Books were banned or "held aside" and had to be requested only to be released with "parental approval" -- SOUND FAMILIAR?

Let's not reverse history and hide books, ban them or even have a "bonfire". 

That's past behavior based on control and manipulation. 

Tweens became teens, twenty somethings, thirties parents, forties approaching a less "desired" age group -- like their parents and then moved, following their parents, into the "shelving age group" of the sixties and beyond.


BOOMERS  fought stereotypes and demanding practices and taught our children the value of the land, the water, the air.

Let's move forward, not backward; BOOMERS struggled to get "change" by opening the windows and doors to see what others wanted to limit and eliminate. 


Do not set aside or only recognize us when we pass as what remains is what you have for when you walk in our place.

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