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Boomers Facing Strike Three

Brooke Barley recently wrote an article in yahoo finance. 

Let's have a "generational conversation" with proof Seniors "giving up" their homes benefits both the seller and buyer.

Some are Millenials, but their ranks are being quickly overtaken by many Gen Z's who begin their ascent complete with "acquiring" and "accumulating", believing they can do it all in a short time "resting on their laurels" forevermore.

Today's "rising stars" believe what they hear from the pulpits of the internet with thousands of Influencers now making their living giving some FREE and some PAID advice to anyone who clicks onto their site.

It's like going into a Supermarket after shopping at a local market -- so many choices, so little time.


She/He looks nice; is funny; reminds me of myself; I kinda feel sorry for them with all they're told me about their life challenges; what they said makes sense to me but then they know more than I do; what's the harm in listening, using time I have anyway. . . 

Tik Tok or Tick Tock, time is finite and children today are being told they can have more by "taking shortcuts" and by using "tools" to give more time for other "activities" -- all those online games and videos, for example.

What's being retained and what's being seen as not necessary because change is so fast learning a system or procedure isn't needed -- at such a young age?

How are we teaching learning and reason? What are the standards and who makes the rules & regs?

Are 16 year olds allowed to drive capable of running a school? 

If a school, why not a business -- I know, some are, however, as it's been for decades, there are always those "early bloomers" among the many "late".

Influencers? They or who they watch and listen to?

Prior generations saw the youngest as being the most malleable and it was they who were conscripted, sent to work in mines, chosen to serve others.

Have we truly stepped beyond and believe aging is losing and youth is gaining?

What if the "learned", the "experienced" simply sat down and stopped being at the front, in the lead?

Who can describe the chaos and frustration that would prevail?

Take away wisdom and you have chaos.

Now, about Ms Bailey. . .

When it comes to validating someone who has no "presence" on line -- not even in LinkedIn where most professional people appear -- why read what this person writes much less "follow"?

You decide, readers, are we going back to the ancient sport of throwing someone into an Arena telling them to fight to the end?

Maybe the writer has a "disjointed" family and doesn't want to "support" the elderly's rights to retain; possibly believes they should pay for all "family vacations" and "give away now' everything of value because "they never use it".

From generations who valued to those who covet. 

From children who protected to those who divide and take before it's their time.

Gen X was truly the first "entitled" of those who were "common" if not "born into" position, money, privileges.

Early Boomers lived in a Developing World where TV was new, lasted only a couple of hours each day, Kid's programs were so few you could count them on one hand and you only saw "local programs" until alliances and abilities were formed.

Whoa! First pitch and it's a foul ball. Using Stats from 2019. It's mid 2024 five year old Stats in this area are obsolete.

When I debated in High School and College I would have endured "shameing" for old, irrelevant information. 

She has the world at her fingertips and some far more advanced resources from more than just her "local area".

I had to physically go to the Main Library and research without the aid and assistance of AI, find and know the "reliable" and "honest reporting" resources -- not just read and regurgitate.

In today's world, Stats are gathered by highly reputable resources, on line through these same libraries who've chosen to continue to provide factual resources. 

Far easier to find, copy and paste -- set aside those 'yellow" resources and cite the real experts known for decades.

We live in a fast paced, high tech world where Stats are constantly being generated and by some significantly reliable and accurate resources far more reliable than a company looking to continuously "build online because it is ONLINE"

It "proved a point to be made" even if it is "cold stats" being used? Not in today's world and not in yesterday's.

Let's treat telling Seniors to "Get Out" because younger generations want/need a "home", not an apartment, not a condo, not a rental, by it's real "purpose", home ownership.

For Seniors, this "forcing a particular move" is like a Baseball Game.

First Pitch, Low and outside: STRIKE 1 -- Many boomers are "house poor," meaning they've bought a home that prohibits them from affording much outside of paying for that property with increases based on "cost of living" for an "average family".

Pitcher ready to go for second strike, signal sent -- high maintenance means you should "downsize".

Batter steps aside, moves around, hits bat against shoes: shows decades of hard work, family responsibilities, saving less spending more, looking forward to paying off mortgage -- transportation, taxes, food, utilities, College for kids . . . 

Referee steps in -- moves the bag, repositions, removes for a short time to examine, replaces, moves batter's positioning, everyone tries to adjust.

Methinks Ms Barley needs a few lessons in Statistic/Fact citing.

Boomers may live in homes with "high maintenance" but they didn't originally buy a home worth hundreds of thousands and even approaching even higher in "value".

Boomers footed the bill for taxes for NEWER and TECH CENTERED Public Schools -- even if their kids went to a private school because "their kids" deserved better and more.

Taxes for many services they no longer use, if they ever did, based on an "inflated" value they probably won't receive due to all the "closing costs" and "moving costs" and just plain "costs".

As for being prohibited from affording much outside paying for the property -- it's a lot better than forking over several thousands of dollars each month to live in a shared room with only a bed, possibly a chair and a part of a hanging space/closet, a few drawers AND A SHARED BATHROOM.

Your competitors are the large entities buying homes and renting them OR entering them into the "new system" as " Vacation Rentals".

SHOWER? Down the Hall. Nope, can't use without staff. 

Hair washed? That's extra. So is everything you'd "like".

What about all these "amazing new residences for Seniors"?

Many come with multiple thousands a month "living expenses"  and require the "resident" to have specific capabilities constantly needed to be proven. Couples? Maybe. Perhaps. Not always. 

Pets? Please! Cat or Dog or Bird -- maybe a "Group" will visit with some "older animals" who are capable of being pet by so many hungry for personal contact even for a few minutes.


Sounds like a lot, right? 

So who's inflating the value, buying at outrageous inflated pricing that once "the ball starts rolling" it takes a major setback to get any slight, let alone, major reduction. 


Simple Business Math: Supply and Demand. Look it up. 

We put in the sweat and even the tears and you want to reap benefits we can continue to use but you believe you deserve?

Old words describe today's practices: Envy & Greed.

Put in lots of work, maintenance, upkeep, repairs, replacements, siding, roof, new gutters, furnace, windows and floors.

Updates and full removal of bathrooms and kitchens, walls and doors, electric and gas furnaces and cooking -- totally new Kitchen, lighting.


That's the challenge seen when a "writer" who should be writing Fantasy and Fiction writes about the "real world".

The practice of Communication has moved into Demanding.

Today all ages believe they have something "valuable" to say.

It's easy to post on line and so they do it constantly.

No thought to what energy or resources are being used.


These were directives of the daily lives less than a Century ago.  

They had shortages and it was of concerns where money would come from for the ever increasing and escalating "cost of living".

Why? Because producers of everything this generation was also taught to "want' kept them running after the carrot and chasing rainbows.

Today's it's not just how much you "have", the focus of the generations following Boomers, it's about how much you can create, how often you can text, or how many pictures you can post.

We're not using "electricity" so what difference does it make?

YOU ARE USING TIME, ENERGY and do you think it's thin air that's transporting your minute to minute can't keep your mouth closed or your life to yourself?


Raise those numbers, think about getting "paid' for what used to be gossip, heresy and even conjecture 


Congrats! You and your close predecessors have jumped on the human bandwagon of believing NOT TO PUBLISH IS TO PERISH.


And, yes, we died for you. People always forget Korea & Vietnam.

We lost fathers, uncles, cousins and family friends from results of WWII and at the Twin Towers and a field in Pennsylvania --to give you Freedom, Choice and the ability to work with and care about. 

You don't wait for "your number" to come up. Many of you feel no "responsibility"for sacrifices made. Entitlement is your focus.

Not all of you, but far too many, raise voices believing YOU are better than, smarter than, and younger than -- and reach your full hand into every part of life believing whatever you see, whatever you touch, "appeals to you",  SHOULD BELONG TO YOU.

Those "old people" spent decades working. 

You believe arriving 5 minutes past a "start time" is "your privilege".

Not only do you "want" our homes, you believe we should provide family vacations without your paying your share.

We gave you educational opportunities, sport events, extra curricular activities, Summer Camps, Hockey/LaCrosse/Baseball and Football, trips to the Beach and the Mountains with sports and activities . . .

We wanted you to have a "better life", one we never had: paid bills to provide this all the way through college.

Read and weep for yourselves moving into a future where you'll face disappointment constantly because you've never learned to be patient, be considerate and to value and honor our aging.

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