Sunday, March 30, 2014

Website: NonPartisan Info Social Insurance including Long Term Care and Medicare

I'm constantly surfing the web and continuously surprised at what I find. Found this site that appears to be nonpartisan and not for profit and covers information on Social Security, Medicare, Worker's Compensation and Disability, Unemployment Insurance and Long Term Care.

Of particular interest to us are the areas of Medicare and Long Term Care as it applies to our current and future possible experiences but all these areas contain great information you'd have to go to several sites to retrieve in one convenient location. Published articles and citations including providers of support from various foundations in just a basic overview of the site leads me to believe this is a "gem" of a site for anyone who really wants in depth information, great overviews and insights and a constant resource for keeping up to date on what's happening in our society in areas we're all facing.

Admittedly, I've not explored this new site in depth I've connected at the end of this entry but from first impression see information that appears to be nonpartisan and nonbiased.

Also found selections very prevalent to my latest experience "volunteering" to participate in a study by a local Medical Facility/Educational Facility designed to "open discussion" or raise it to a higher level between the "older generation" in a family and the "children".  It's the article on "self determination" you can access through

Second admission, I'm not exactly "thrilled" with the questionnaires I've been receiving nor with the way in which the program is progressing. Some questions I consider too personal and would welcome answering them if they weren't "me" specific but rather asked if I "believed" this or that was necessary, needed or wanted.

BUT, it has opened additional conversations about "life plans" among the three of us who I feel, at this time, I want involved in "making decisions and choices" especially when I no longer have that ability.

Witnessing how my Mom, with Lewy Body Dementia, could easily change, almost from day to day, her "choices" about who should/could make decisions or who she would trust -- hence our major problem with Julia and the woman's ability to use Undue Influence and get her hands on cash in our home -- I'm concerned about that possibility occurring again and causing hardships especially for my daughter as it did for me, as my Mom's only daughter.

So, I continue to search, to research, to plan, to try to understand and to encourage others to do the same.

If we want to have "personal choice" and "personal determination" we must be proactive and start early in life, even earlier than I'm starting, to understand the laws, the possible changes we can effect and the affects of studies and relationships. If we're fortunate to move forward into "stages" of life, we should understand the role we can play in self determination and effective directives that will, even with significant challenges, continue to provide a safety net surrounding the individual -- if that is what we believe we have, "the right to self determination".

I notice many readers of this blog from countries that may not provide this "right" and look forward to the day when you can join in this decision.  I see others who live in countries we've seen as "more progressive" in providing choices and values for aging far beyond what we currently experience in the United States.

Conversations are welcome. We're still learning about blogs and how to make them more interactive and responsive. Now that our lives have changed to hopefully provide a little more "personal" time for "personal choices", we hope to progress with this blog to more interaction, more inclusion of resources and build greater awareness of not only Lewy Body Dementia but recognizing the choices we have when they're available and known.

In Mom's memory, we've determined to share our experiences with her Lewy Body Dementia, references to reliable and lesser known resources, like this website connection, and advisories on areas of life we seldom think about until we're in dire need of information.

Join us for A Continuing Celebration of Life journey.

Here's the site:  and here's a section I found particularly helpful regarding considerations most of us will have to make regarding care for ourselves or a loved one 


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