Sunday, November 4, 2018

Half A Century: Cause For Celebration: Happy Anniversary!

Looking back is easier when knowledge of what could have been done, should have been done, is the subject of a discussion long past the time of the occurrence.

Old adage:  hindsight is 20/20; foresight is often blind.

It's past. Turned the corner. Moving evermore forward.

Challenges come into my life's path; it's my decision how to handle, what to do and how to make this time effective.

Some words are so interesting --- the simple change of one letter changes the entire subject -- like the word "come" and "came".

Challenges happening and continuing are constant and immediate.  

Challenges handled and survived that are overcome become "past". 

If we learn well, even when they come again, in what shape or form, we have the lessons we learned, the knowledge gained, to apply, even if the challenges are greater, more severe and longer.

I miss you. I'd never thought I'd be where I am and where you are today, at this time in life, in this way.

The other "anniversaries" will still come and go; those of celebrations and those of unanticipated and unwelcome life events.

For now, this time, the celebration is in having had the opportunity to share life with another, create a life and our lives together and to spend what time we had, were given, simply put.....together....even when we were apart.

How do you express "happiness" when the anniversary or the event isn't like it was  for so  long .... together.... occasion for celebration of years added one by one.....?

You walk the path of rememberance. 

You take joy in what life was together. 

You realize and recognize --- 

          it could have been less, it could have been more....

You Give Thanks ..... 

       for what you had and what you have....

           memories & experiences of being together!