Thursday, October 22, 2020

Life Is One Big Test

Just when you think you have the right answer, life shows you what was once right, is no longer, and you now have an even more complicated challenge . . . or does it?

Some have stretched out their hand while riding life's Merry-Go-Round and pulled back a part or even the whole brass or even gold ring living a life others would love to have.

Others ride the endless merry-go-round, holding on tight just to try to make it from the beginning of the ride through the countless and endless circles of the journey.

Many have lived and continue to live with challenges of health and well being from basic needs to growing medical concerns . .

and although some have "come to the rescue" donating time and even money, the challenges continue. . . because the basic components of the problem have always been set aside. 

We reason, we rationalize, we set goals and fixate on achievement only to hit a "pause" or "replay" in life to see with different eyes the goals we set, we missed and achieved, have a different value from a different point of view. . 

Too costly, too time consuming, not as important as another "problem" which would receive more support and bring more positive recognition

Some have put others before themselves and outside forces have intervened to disrupt and negate causing more decline and regression.

Some believe "they" know better than we do because "they" had experience with the person making decisions "they" did not like, did not want and felt "deprived" so, of course, this was what was being done again. 

Maturity is not a number of years. It doesn't arrive suddenly with a specific birthday or even an event. Ask anyone who practices a skillset from sports to medicine and they'll tell you it's a constant learning experience and changing all the time.

As with so many other parts of life from the building by colonies of ants to man's reach for the stars . . . there are patterns we create by the choices we make.

Rationalizaton and Reasoning to get through times we want to get past:          

If it's in my life, I'll voice my opinion but I won't really ask questions and get involved.              

I already know everything I want or need to know.....let's just get on with my life and  someone will figure out how to handle, get rid of or even make whatever's the problem --    GO AWAY!

It may be a pattern ...

established from finding in life when you speak up you either get volunteered, pulled in or pushed  out; when you report something you see that is harming another or others, you find yourself embroiled in the "system" that takes you through a wringer and pushes you out in a  form that you don't recognize.

There are a myriad of reasons, ways to explain and even excuse our words and our actions.

Test Taking is a learned skill.

LIfe Test Taking is a learning skill.

What one life inequity or problem can you start today to move to being resolved through your personal action to bring to light, show to others and make the world just a little better because you were a part of it....

TIME'S UP.  As it eventually is for all of us. When you put down your life's pen, what will you have written. Will it be lengthy or short? 

Will you have made a positive difference? 

Each in their own way can make a better world with consideration for all with whom we share this finite location of ultimately limited space and time.