Tuesday, December 5, 2023

Kelsey Grammer, Whoopi Goldberg, Teepa Snow Are Dementia Advocates

Reading this blog you might think we're negative and only see what's wrong with Dementia care especially in Long Term Care Facilities.

Our experiences are definitely more on the "dark side" of Elder Care and especially Dementia care but within the darkness has been ENGLIGHTENMENT and that is what we also share in this blog.

We realized we were not alone in our experiences. Advocating, becoming involved and networking, we heard stories similar to our own about Undue Influence, Abuse, Neglect and poor Senior Caregiving.

Generally, people who have these experiences are often consumed and confused just trying to survive another day dealing with dementia.

We've decided to raise our voices and provide actual personal experience with Dementia/Lewy Body Dementia) to build awareness and provide opportunity for advocacy and change.

There are a few prominent and easily recognized people on the "cutting edge" trying to change how Seniors with Dementia are seen, cared, and provided for. 

Teepa Snow is one of those rare individuals whose voice is growing stronger, louder and certainly more visible with her website http://www.teepasnow.com/  and parts of her videos which you can see at https://www.youtube.com/user/teepasnow

We found one of her videos when searching You Tube sometime after Mom was initially diagnosed with possible/probable Lewy Body Dementia in the mid or late stages.

At that time, there was very little on Lewy Body Dementia available on the web; this was Spring 2012 and it seems like an eternity has passed instead of just two years with the NEW and visionary entries on LBD on many sites. (Reposting this entry; it's now November 2023 -- almost ten years since my Mom passed.)

Teepa's approach to caregiving for Dementia patients focuses on her work with patients directly as an Occupational Therapist. 

This branch of Therapy, in our opinion, is the one least used in facilities mainly because there is very little financial support through Medicare and Medicaid for the general population.

In Mom's facility, almost all Physical Therapy was provided in a special area or room with varying types of equipment. It was "prescribed" and therefore could provide revenue.

Occupational Therapy tends to use everyday items to rebuild skillsets and can often be done outside of a specific location including the resident's room or the patient's home. 

In facilities and leaving hospitals for Rehab, the coverage by many private insurances and definitely through Medicare/Medicaid, is geared towards physical therapy with occupational therapy seen as aiding stroke victims and sometimes to regain basic skillsets like eating, dressing and other personal care areas. 

(Note added Oct 2023: Medicare seems to be changing and covering more Physical Therapy. Not certain about Medicaid.)

Teepa broaden's the approach of caregiving to every person, especially those providing the daily services (Aides, primarily but also Nurses and Doctors) to specific ways and means to touch, talk and see what is visible and what is hidden in providing care ensuring the safety and well being of individuals with Dementia.

We need more advocates like Teepa Snow within the industry of Senior Care!

HATS OFF TO VOYCE! It's the Ombudsman agency in the metro St Louis, Missouri area. They have changed to providing awareness, building knowledge with the general public and continuing to "supervise" Long Term Care within the limited bounds provided by the State of Missouri. 


The reality in many facilities is the Activity Department is the one that is given the responsibility of developing "social interaction" and various other areas. 

The challenge becomes anyone can go to Activities but you have to have "orders" for Occupational Therapy from a Doctor and that is reviewed for type and extent by the insurance companies both private, State and Federal.

What Teepa teaches are ways to live, work and play with individuals in various stages of Dementia. She also specifically addresses Lewy Body Dementia, how it differs and specific ways to cope with this roller coaster Dementia.

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=U6kz-mcNNzo  and

IMPORTANT NOTE: Teepa provides programs to various organizations and groups, some of her more informative presentations are located on sources not accessible through just searching You Tube with Teepa's name. Suggest as we have done you use her name and also a subject area like: Lewy Body Dementia.

You'll bring up various videos including one by Whoopi Goldberg who's become a spokesperson for the Lewy Body Dementia Association. 

Here's the connection to Whoopi's PSA: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=FcSYg4xtVus  

and to one from Kelsey Grammer https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=eRg2RqQqnNo

Listen, Learn and Spread The Word -- 

Today, resolve to send three people this blog entry  or blogsite . . . 

it's important to their health and the health of family members and friends . . . 

to become aware of LBD and Senior Care Challenges and possibilities.

Thank You for reading my Blog, for positively changing our Seniors/Elders lives, who deserve recognition for all they have given, accomplished and endured.

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