Monday, August 10, 2020

Teach Your Children Well As They Will Inherit THIS Earth

What's happened in your neighborhood with COVID-19 since January 2020?

Two yards away a past Sunday evening I heard a conversation where a woman, a mother, spoke very negatively about the  practice of another Mom who decided to "allow" a visit by Mom's daughter to their home but only with "restrictions". 

Mom was "insulted" personally and "for her daughter"  -- as she stated -- because the visited family followed rules of Social Distancing and would NOT allow "HER" daughter to "go inside their house, get a drink, go to the bathroom or even play games inside the house" -- when they had this amazing gameroom her daughter "loved to use".

This was just days after our businesses began reopening and people started to "gather" again -- often pushing the limit of common sense which we would see reflected in the upsurge and heightened concern for an even greater loss of life, more hospitalizations and challenges to people below the "norm" poorly interpreted and gathered statistics were providing.

NOTE:  We are now in another upswing with our County recording record high deaths and validated COVID individual infections.

Late at night, kids in tow and these "adults" are encouraging one another and following the lead of one in particular-- who  did  not have children with him -- to GET DRUNK? 

Adults who are LIfetime Teenagers? 

And . . . they criticize other ages believing they "know better" and "do better" than those who went before them? 

Each age group has within it many different types of people; we keep hoping those who "push the limits" will drop in did our parents and grandparents.

If they drove, who would drive and what "example" were they setting for their children who would be driving in a few years?

The couple and another person were visiting, friends about to move to another house and possibly helping to get the home ready to "show" as one stated he  was bringing a couple he "wanted to see it and wanted THEM to buy it" -- vocalizing how he "selects" who he wants to buy based on what "he' thinks is "best".

Did we just step back to the 1950's/1960's?

What year is this?  Which generation is that? 

Decades pass, however, behaviors never seem to change . . .  for some.

LIFE AS USUAL is what the MOM felt was her RIGHT and her daughter's. 

THIS is what she's teaching, This is what she's modeling:  

MY RIGHTS are more important than someone else's. 

YOUR RIGHTS ... matter only if I choose to recognize them or "honor" them.

LIFE IS ABOUT CHANGE. Life is not moving from one time to another without negatives along with positives.

In fact, when we "move along" only looking towards the "future BIG events" we often lose sight of the day-to-day SIGNIFICANT CHALLENGES THAT CONTINUE, DEVELOP AND GROW.


Why we haven't resolved the issues we're seeing

SIMPLE.  We needed to see more clearly and more people had to see the same thing at the same time.


NOT ME, NOT MINE . . . It won't happen won't touch "me" or "mine"

-- we're not in the "statistics" of those "getting it" 

-- we don't live in the area where it's most active" or 'It's overblown" or "a conspiracy".

-- lots of people are "getting it" and "get over it"

--...worst case you go to the Doctor, ER or into the hospital where they can take care of those who do get sick and those who die???

well, just was meant to be.... or they did something to bring it on....or.....


COVID-19 is the biggest and the worst "evil" (even with the wars and other world events) all but a very small part of the population has seen in their lifetime 

How long did it take for the Gen X parents to decide "they" could play with friends -- maybe at a distance but "depriving them" of "socialization" was not in their or the parent's best interests?  But they're not the only ones, parents of elementary school children who see the stats and believe that age group "can't" or "won't" get the "bug" are making play dates.

COVID-19 NEEDS CARRIERS AS WELL AS DISTRIBUTORS and some carriers, for whatever reason we have no current knowledge of, may not show signs of the disease yet provide through their connection with others, transmittal or being a "host" -- believe we will discover this at some future time.

Let's face it -- schools are the natural "dropping point" for at least six to eight hours of adult time -- to work, to exercise, attend meetings, pursue interests or run errands.

When Kindergarten was added to the list of "free" education and then extended through High School -- "we" (women) were given more time and more choices as society became less "home" labor intensive and moving up the ladder meant hiring others or carpooling to "lessen" the "challenges" of keeping the kids "occupied".

THEN CAME SUMMER .... of course it comes every year but parents who "interweave" activities and interests within the school year or can't because of the time or cost or transportation or other reasons could now PLAN TO SEND THEIR KIDS TO CAMP, TO SUMMER SCHOOL OR SUMMER SPORTS  or just to someone else's house to "play" or "be entertained".

Some families, those of better "means" employed services after school or carpooled (that's a word we'll not use for some time) with other families.

Open your eyes and your hearts. Look beyond your "self". And, pray you're not one of those who loses a family member or friend, a child, a teen, adult, young parent, father, mother, grandparent.


What are you teaching your children through this time of reflection, relearning and remembering?

Another song whose lyrics we should take to heart ---

"I believe the children are our future
Teach them well and let them lead the way"

Watching the neighborhood children a week ago riding bikes and walking together in groups I wondered where their parents were -- they were sitting in their backyard visiting with guests.

As the tree bends --- is the old saying.

Yes, it's difficult NOT TO HAVE what we want, what we desire, what we're "used to".--

It's called "doing without" and many live this way 24/7....

Surely we can give so that other's live... not get so sick or even die?

We give blood to save lives -- how about giving others the breath of life???