Sunday, October 6, 2013

Joy's Comment & Remember October Is LBD Awareness Month

Thank you, Joy, for your comment.

Just knowing people are out there reading our story is so uplifting.

I'm working on ways to make it more informational. It's been a learning experience and I'm growing each day towards a better blog.

I've mentioned, I believe, my husband's passing in 2011. Well, each fifth of the month I still feel the challenges of his loss and wonder what I could have done differently especially when I did not see what was being done by Julia towards my Mother.

It's a continuing journey, from the fifth to the tenth of the month, from the date of his death until the date of his funeral. Yes, it's grief, but as my daughter points out, it's also comparable to Post Traumatic Stress Disorder due to the many destructive efforts of Julia then and what she's doing even now with Mom.

Julia stood by from February 2010 until late October 2010 and watched at different times as my husband received Home Health Care. Julia was/is a Registered Nurse. Julia had to see the gravity of the medical situation from being around our family for so many months. Julia knew we were holding on day by day and often hour by hour; I have emails we exchanged I read again and again and see now more clearly how the information I shared with her about our challenges gave her what she used to abuse Mom then and now.

It sounds strange, I know, but I guess my hope we could overcome my husband's many challenges was stronger than my ability to see what was going on around me with my husband and with my mother.

I am grateful my mother taught me to always keep moving towards the light and what is right in life. She taught me not to give in, never to give up and always to believe the path I'm on will lead somewhere positive. It isn't what she said, actually, it's how she lived her life, how she modeled life for me.

We found out in March 2012 after overcoming great challenges I've detailed and am still listing in this blog that Mom had late Mid to early Late stage Lewy Body Dementia. An RN specializing in taking care of Alzheimer's and Dementia men and women as a caregiver would surely have recognized the Dementia. We believe Julia knew, we know she constantly told us there was no concern and that Mom was "perfectly all right; very good for her age compared to others" to gain financially and profit personally from controlling and manipulating others.

Julia's strategy isn't working. We have the advantage even in trying times.

October is Lewy Body Awareness Month. Please share the message that Dementia in all its forms and especially LBD is a devastating disease that often masquerades as reactions to medicines, other illnesses and even changes in life as we experienced. LBD must be taken seriously; I still hear in my inner ear the words of a Missouri Department of Health and Senior Services Adult Protective Worker who even has a Masters in Gerontology:  "If it isn't Alzheimer's, it isn't Dementia."   Please visit: