Friday, April 7, 2017

Fed & State Govt Requirements Long Term Care Facilities

I find information and documents many people never do and I choose to share to enable more people to see what is generally hidden under layers of inaccessible "red tape" when it comes to Long Term Care facilities and living.

Here are some recent examples of information I've found trying to discover what is "on the books" of the federal and state governments regarding Long Term Care.

It seems to me this "business" of caring for our elderly has far more projects researching and formulating reports than it does truly providing for our older population who must or choose to live in Long Term Care/Nursing Home facilities.

Wonder what percentage of the yearly budget for the DHSS is spend on researching what "should" be done and what "could"be done versus enforcement and ensurance residents of Long Term Care facilities receive quality care.

Federal Government guidelines for State Operations of Long Term Care Facilities:

State Operations Manual Chapter 7 - Survey and Enforcement Process for Skilled Nursing Facilities and Nursing Facilities

State Operations Manual Appendix P - Survey Protocol for Long Term Care Facilities - Part I (Rev. 156, 06-10-16)

This is a 104 page document. Use it for reference. Use it to become knowledgeable about the inclusions and limitations of Long Term Care Facilities. Use it to compare information you find on the State where you or someone you love will enter into Long Term Care.

The above is only one section. Use the reference to find the other sections. 

What's interesting from a "public" point of view is how the entire document is broken apart into sections and how it's difficult to find the document in its entirety almost ensuring the general public is unable to access.


Can't find a later edition; this may be the latest, may be produced every other year or even less frequently.

This last entry may be one of the most important. Check it out!
LONG Term Care Justice and Advocacy

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