Saturday, May 27, 2017

Serving Our Seniors: Join The Movement

SOS -- Serving Our Seniors.

A term I wrote in a blog entry a couple of years ago.

Daughter and I practice this concept as often as possible. 

She has a 9 to 5+ daily work schedule and challenging job but still found time to visit with an older woman who was new to our area, was living on her own in a condominium, had family in the area with busy lives. 

Sadly, her time ended when the woman passed unexpectedly a couple of weeks ago. It was as though an immediate family member had passed. Although I didn't visit her regularly as my daughter did, I feel the loss, the change, the difference.

We traveled by car for six hours one way to attend her Memorial Service. 

We met members of her family and friends from her childhood.

A small chapel service. Some pictures displayed. Children and grandchildren. 

A celebration of life and love and we were fortunate to play a part in the story.

I have a friend I made at my Mom's Long Term Care Facility whom I write about occasionally in this blog. 

I work and I'm involved in community projects and have been as long as I can remember. For me, reaching out, being there and making time are most important. 

Yes, family and friends are important; it's the definition of these relationships that makes the difference in our lives and the lives of others.

My friend has no family in the area although this was her "home town" growing up. 

She has others who visit her but she calls us her "family" here. 

Daughter and I try to spend each holiday when we're in town with her sharing a meal, participating in activities -- whatever fills her life with a little more joy for the moment she can carry forward in the days ahead. 

We also visit at least every other weekend and sometimes take her a favorite "take out" meal or I make a dinner and we share it under the trees or in the gazebo if the weather permits.

I also try to make sure she has the "little things" that make a difference. These were the items we had so much difficulty providing to Mom/Grandma as we struggled to stretch every penny from the losses we incurred after my husband's medical challenges and passing.

I remember when I was many years younger writing in a book I kept, "It's in the giving, we receive." 

Believe it went with a poem I wrote and know it's also a quote from St Francis of Assisi. Years later I would have the privilege and opportunity to visit the small chapel and town where he lived.

Life gives us many gifts as we move along the path.

Yes, I know you're busy. That probably won't change.

But, given the opportunity, I know you can find or make time for many things. It's what we choose to "make" time for in life that set our pace and direct our path.

SOS - Serving Our Seniors is a way of life you can choose and can do in many ways. We're all moving foward. We're all changing. Who will be there for you when others cannot?

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