Sunday, June 4, 2017

Building Bridges

Caregiving often separates families at a time when coming together is in the best interest of the unit.

Scenerio:  Two or more adult children. At least one lives nearby and the rest live far enough away they cannot participate in daily care giving.

One or more of those close by "take over" or so it is often seen by the others. 

Even in our high tech world, being "on site" can provide a higher level of involvement simply because of the proximity to the challenges.

Involved with families and careers the caregiver/caregivers now add another layer to their already multilevel lives as they continue to learn, grow, experience, want and need.

Suddenly (or not) their time and talents are needed. To some it may come as a surprise; to one or more, it's a progression they've seen coming or due to illness or medical emergency had thrust into their lives.

How do you manage? 

What's most important? 

And if your family unit already has challenges in its functioning, how does the main caregiver or caregivers work around and through the family dynamics that continue to diversify and extend?

How Do You Build Bridges?  Open for discussion.

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