Saturday, July 15, 2017

ICSA International Conference: Undue Influence Rising Worldwide Challenge

Recently attended an International Conference with my daughter with an organization that has existed since 1979. 

It was founded during a time when Baby Boomers were young and many were "Flower Children" following cults and their leaders and new groups were being formed that we recognize today.

It's acronym is ICSA and when you first read the name, you'll probably think of turning away from it or considering it's a group "on the fringe of society". It's neither. 

Click through here to learn more about this organization working to raise awareness about groups and individuals with personal control agendas.

ICSA recognizes Undue Influence. It also talks about "mind control". Basic words, old thoughts, still actively practiced by groups and individuals looking to profit, to gain and to succeed to influence, manipulate and control.

Having experienced Undue Influence through the woman who came into our life during our challenges with undiagnosed and then diagnosed Lewy Body Dementia, I was looking for answers and input from others who had been affected and by those who are seeking to protect the rights of all not to be taken advantage of and not to be led down paths of self or life destruction.

My generation, daughter's generation. 

Little has changed.

Then as now, there were also movements to control, to manipulate and to take advantage of individuals looking to create a better world, a place of peace and caring about and for one another.

To quote lyrics from a popular song by the Beatles "Yesterday, all my troubles seemed to far away....oh, I believe in yesterday". By the way, we're just really beginning to understand the Beatles lyrics often had hidden references as in the song they wrote about the Guru they followed.

Those who would influence have simply moved on to one-on-one and can now use the Internet to influence and control; they don't need direct contact, isolation and deprivation of food, family or regular life inclusions.

There were movements that had been started in the mid to late 60's by individuals and groups who believed in the same standards taken up by the Millenials, many of whom are the children of the Baby Boomers highlighted at the conference and there were papers presented by PhDs in several related fields from highly reputable resources both public and private.

You can read some of these papers on line. Next year their International Meeting will be in Philadelphia; its a worthwhile attend for people in the United States, especially those near the Philly metro area. 

Attendees this year came from the United States, Canada, Argentina, Equador, Peru, Bolivia and other South American countries, Japan, China, France, Germany, Netherlands, Poland -- to name a few areas represented.

There were first and second generation individuals affected by cults, individuals and groups. Some were members of families where their children had been "captured" into beliefs years ago that still separate and alienate the child from their family members. Many were professionals with Masters and PhD's and even attorneys who attended and spoke.

ICSA is unique in how it brings together former group members, families, professionals and researchers. 

When I heard the words "undue influence" and "mind control" I felt relief someone besides my daughter and I were aware of these actions taking place and how they are growing and how some countries are putting in place ways and means to counteract individuals and groups who would split apart and separate.

We, as a family, faced one person who used "the system", including a professional accreditation, to discredit years of close and caring relationships for personal benefit. 

At the conference, we heard stories from others, in presentations and around dining tables when we met afterwards, of people with similar and related challenges with undue influence and mind control.

I am more convinced than ever the challenges of raising awareness of Lewy Body Dementia and Dementia as a classification rather than "segmenting" and "separating" this medical challenge is critical.

As our older population grows and our technology increases to allow more means of connecting, so also grows the ability to deceive, to manipulate and to control.

It's a worldwide challenge. We in the United States should be taking the lead and instead we're dragging our feet and falling behind.

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