Thursday, April 11, 2019

HOTLINE: Missouri Elderabuse -- Dropped Off, On Hold, Where Are They?


Judging from my attempts this afternoon to reach and report my friend's treatment in a Missouri Long Term Care Center either they have a very small staff to answer the phone OR their system can only hold so many calls.

I'm sitting on HOLD while music plays but it's taken me 7 attempts to dial, listen to the recording (a shortened form follows) and to be hung up on because apparently the "waiting line" was too long to hold any more calls.

Seven minutes into hold.  Music plays. I wait to be connected. Is this a matter of Life and Death? Of course it is. Is it one that warrants as the message directed to "Call 911" -- no.

Abuse can be severe and constant or it can be slow and steady and almost non noticeable because it's done so "professionally"

WHAT IS GOING ON?  This department is associated with the DHSS. We've heard about other "miscommunications" in this Department.

BACK ON HOLD....MORE BACKGROUND INFO...  so here I sit....10 more minutes go by ...not like I have nothing to could be taken care of...trying to get away to visit Carol as I'm worried about her...

Are there so many calls the lines are all in use?  Are they short staffed?  Twenty minutes have gone by and I'm on a HOTLINE??????

Then the next message with the last statement that really upsets me

All staff are currently busy assisting other callers. We apologize for the inconvenience. Your call is very important to us.  Please call back at a later time so that we may assist you.

Isn't this an EMERGENCY LINE?  Who ever heard of calling back to an Emergency Line?

Maybe they should rename it and change the title from Elderabuse Hotline to Elderabuse Reporting Line.

I finally get through. List my concerns and hope someone will connect with me and follow through.

Time Will Tell.