Sunday, April 19, 2020

Disposing of Our Aging Population -- Long Term Care Continues Years of Neglect and Abuse

How wonderful, a man over one hundred fought Coronavirus and he won.

How amazing, a woman in her 80's took on coronovirus and as sick as she was, she won the battle.

How "they" hope you'll see these reports ... THE RESIDENTS HAVE HAD NO REAL VOICE (or "Voyce" as The Ombudsman program in the St Louis area is called) because --- no one cared enough to protect our most vulnerable population -- vulnerable to being ignored, set aside, FORGOTTEN.

Where are the REAL statistics?  The one's I've written about since beginning this blog after seeing first hand on a daily basis the neglect and abuse practiced and supported by....Long Term Care Companies and those in positions of responsibility which they've set aside ... but they've never set aside the money they accumulated.



If you had done your job, Media, you would have rung the bell hard and ensured our elderly were protected in full BEFORE THIS CRISIS HIT.

You're hiding the truth by just making mention of what's happening and not telling the truth about the State by State DHSS both Federal and State low level of "regulations" that have perpetrated and continued this system.



often only one RN for an entire Facility and usually only Monday through Friday -- 

States allow Long Term Care Facilities to operate with one (1) LPN on duty for an entire facility.

And we wonder why the statistics are so high with deaths in LTC from Coronavirus?

It's not age -- it's putting human beings in spaces where any type of communicable disease can run rampant and facilities have been allowed -- for decades -- to produce Death Certifications of



Hidden bodies piled up.


Can't close it down because of COVID? 

Why not  -- you're putting people into hospitals -- but not the aged and ageing of LTC's -- WHY NOT?

Their "lives" aren't worth saving?

They're "too old" and probably won't survive?

When a society treats any age or stage of life as DISPOSABLE -- it has sunk to the depths of "humanity".

The virus, as I've written when others were saying it will "end...soon" has mutated and will continue to do so-- 

Florida is opening up its Beaches --- tourism and money mean more than human life?

Other States don't believe they have it "signifcantly enough" to warrant keeping restrictions in place --

When will we understand .... when will we "ever learn"....when will we "EVER" LEARN?

Thursday, April 9, 2020

The Killing Fields -- Long Term Care Facilities Without Good Medical Care

In the beginning, just a few weeks ago, people were led to believe the Coronovirus was an "old person's" disease.


Deaths at Long Term Care facilities that were found to be caused by the disease. Then more deaths of older people.

Doesn't that prove it's a "selective disease"?

People who were younger walked around, traveled, thumbed their noses at anyone who suggested they would have any role in this horrible scenerio.

Like the three monkeys, they covered their eyes, ears and mouths because this "old people's" disease wasn't "coming for them" --- 

Yes, it was and is...."when will they ever learn...when will they ever learn"--we're losing flowers everywhere---gone, never to return.

And we continue to not send in the DHSS and trained Medical Professionals to handle the outbreaks in Long Term Care Facilities believing they can "handle" the situtation, they're "private" businesses and the government shouldn't "interfere", perhaps? 

I disagree. 
They are facilities that receive government "funding" through Medicare and Medicaid and we, the people, are not doing enough to ensure the basic safety, level of medical capability, staffing and so much more and our only and last resort are those Department of Governments, State and Federal who MUST intervene or we will face an even higher toll of loss of loved ones who should not be seen as "expendable".

Until you speak up. 
Until you advocate and stimulate ...
friends, relatives and anyone using your Social Media connectivity 
to voices 
in protest 
to ensure our legacy, our foundation of this amazing country -- 
those who fought and continue to fight, 
those who deserve to be protected and yes, to be saved..

or do we start considering, as AARP does, 50 is a Senior 
    believing it's more the "young" who "deserve" to be "saved"....

It Isn't Age..... That's Causing Deaths...

It's exposure of all ages and stages of life....
to a deadly enemy who moves through the world not checking birth certificates 

Even more "mature" audiences took chances (yes, Gen X), who made decisions that spread the disease and believed they were "immune" and couldn't be affected, couldn't possibly be "carriers" -- a word they would soon learn is true of many who do not show symptoms or test positively.

Since the last serious Pandemic, we created school systems providing FREE education to ages Kindergarten through High School graduation. 

We've Failed teach common sense

We've Failed ... to teach compassion and consideration

When will we listen to the cries of our parents and grandparents 
and raise the curtain on the Long Term Care facilities -- 
who have been 

Operating for Years with Poor Medical Services,  
Less Than Acceptable Levels of Certified Medical Staff in house 24/7 -- people don't get sick or need medical attention from 7am to 5 pm on weekdays -- do you? do your children? 

In my life and on this site, I've been citing statistics, calling emergency numbers for relatives and friends who were residents deprived of medical and other care,deprived of the ability to communicate, deprived of making choices, given basic clean care that included not moving from one bed to another contaminating one person after another failing to really clean their hands.

THE REALITY OF THE  SYSTEM  -- Long Term Care Privately Owned and Not For Profits often payexecutives as though they worked in Corporate America with high six and seven figure salaries, amenities, bonuses and more -- running sometimes into the seven figures -- is doing so at the expense of ensuring most residents spend an aberage of three years and then their "space" is turned over to another.

LET'S REALIZE....when you reduce or eliminate good medical care....things happen as I've reported -- falls, breaks, infections, acceleration of pre-existing conditions and more...

Why isn't there a mandate EVERY Long Term Care especially but all Care Giving Facilities of all levels must provide each resident with access and assist them to connect with family and friends outside of the facilities by computer through face to face connectivity-- visutal means.

A SHOUT OUT TO THE OMBUDSMAN PROGRAM....this should be a responsibility of each location in each State but will not be even discussed unless people who read this and people you talk with are told there are far better ways to live in Long Term Care than what we're providing our elderly. 

REMEMBER .... I detailed how my friend Carol died two days before her birthday -- two days before we could visit with her. My daughter and I knew Carol since 2011; this was 2019; 8 YEARS of visiting, taking her places, getting her a tatoo she'd wanted for decades; providing her with clothes, a little money to shop; the brands of toothpaste, liquid body lotion, shampoo, etc and no one connected with us not even when we walked in to "ease the shock" of finding her "gone".

We walked into Carol's room, one she'd shared with a woman who was also ill treated by the facility, to see her empty bed and many of her prized possessions gone or piled nearby.

This is what's going on today it hasn't changed. We're so busy seeing the devastation that's spread so far that we're not seeing what should be seen -- abuse in Long term Care Faciliteis and total disregard for Medical Services while charging what the market will bear to Insurance Companies, Federal and State programs.

If it's to be, it's up to YOU.....I've been speaking up since 2012 publically in this blog and before that in my community through advocating for Seniors.

How many more lives are expendable?

How many more times will we believe "he/she died, he/she was"old", he/she had a "pre-existing condition" -- all may be true but you're not recognizing none of these are actual "reasons" for death, they are ways to excuse poor caregiving, lack of quality medical treatment available and too few people made to do too much in ways they use shortcuts because they "have to".

How many more lives are expendable because we only see what the Media shows us and we can't find our own voices to speak up, speak out and ensure this abuse of our Senior Population CEASES, DESISTS and enforce standards that are what we as Americans believe we should receive at all ages and stages of life.

You are the answer. 
Tell others to read this blog and other entries. 
Take action. Spread the word. 

Go online. Connect with your State and National Congress people
Use Social Media to raise awareness and question what you're told.
Never before have individuals had at their fingertips and held in their hands so powerful a means of communicating, opening doors and windows and shining light on darkness.

Remember...each day you're getting do you want to be treated if you find yourself in LONG TERM CARE or another facility. It could happen any time....