Friday, May 8, 2015

Way To Go, North Carolina: Wake Up Other States

Adult Living for Seniors isn't always by choice. 
Sometimes, it's by necessity or in our case by undue influence to gain financial advantage although as the alleged perpetrator has claimed "you can't prove it". 

We believe it could be proven, we just don't have the financial ability to pursue her. 

We believe the State of Missouri has missed a chance to remove a predator from practicing a trade of befriending and taking advantage of residents in declining health both mental and physical.

So, I continue my belief that awareness, full information and transparency creates safer living environments for us all, especially Seniors who have to live in Long Term Care residences.

Here's my latest "find" while randomly going through State websites trying to find out more about the similarities and differences in provision of safeguards and security for Seniors.

HATS OFF TO NORTH CAROLINA. Click to see the website

The first State website I've seen actively pursuing opening the doors and the windows in Long Term Care for a more accurate evaluation by current and potential residents, families and interested citizens. 


We pay through taxes, through deductions from our payroll, from increased costs in medical care due to "mistakes" on the parts of facilities incurring hospitalization and further medical care. And, through days and nights wondering, worrying when the "next call" will come from our loved one or the facility and another crisis, event or major concern has to be followed up, has to be taken care of.

Residents pay with their lives in "institutions" they call "home". Just as there are families and homes we see as hazardous to a person's health, there are residences getting your support and mine through tax supported programs and donations (NPO's) and other ways.

It's not perfect. The system itself leads to "cover up" and "non disclosure". More on that when I examine in detail those "Star Reports" so heavily relied on by families to "place" themselves or their loved ones into facilities.

You have the power. Speaking up, speaking out and sending emails and texts to your legislators and others about the serious problems within the walls of Long Term Care that are perpetrated and sustained due to the inability to get clear, concise, accurate and timely information to remedy small and large violations and ensure they do not reoccur.

Never before have we had such constant access to direct and timely communication and a media so expansive even the smallest voice among us can be heard.

Here's a sampling of what you can find on the North Carolina website referenced above. 

As above, some of these methods like the Star Program I do not see as adequate and often misleading. Will go into that in another blog entry.

From the North Caroline referenced site:

Adult Care Home Violations and Penalties

While there is room for improvement, room for expansion, it's the first site I've found that provides actual information and doesn't rely on "puff and fluff" writing designed to state and restate how interested they are in "protecting" our Seniors and how there are directives in place, etc etc.

Facts, figures, full disclosure. Historical entries of more than one year. Violations that are specific and not generalized or using referenced numbers or categories that are vague and not comprehendable. These are what we need!

Today, NPR was talking about Millennials. 

They're the current "focus generation" because they're in the marketplace, they're making buying decisions and soon or already have made major contributions and decisions

Everyone was once where they are. Now look where some have been forced to go. Is this what you want for your loved ones? Are you really so sure you know what goes on when you leave for the day, are gone away where you cannot see and do not hear the real world of everyday living for Seniors in Long Term Care?

Transparency and full disclosure will provide that real safety net the DHSS and the Ombudsman cannot provide on a daily basis. 

Once a year, maybe twice, "inspecting" facilities or four hours a week to get to know 200 or more residents of just one facility?

They may mean well but until they realize it's action and not words that create safety, security and peace of mind for all, this Blog will continue to ensure you and I see the reality behind the closed doors of many Long Term Care and other Senior Living facilities.

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