Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Who Cares?

Happy Days Are Here Again . . .

Technology will provide for all our wants and needs.....

Robots will do the work while we enjoy .....

Reruns of "advertorials" commonly shown in the form of classroom "science" movies (generally produced by large companies heavily invested in producing economic change and advancement) were shown starting in the mid to late fifties to showcase the homes, the cars, the highways and life as we would live it "before the turn of the next century" -- meaning, of course, into the year 2000.

Most of it didn't happen.  Much of it we're still being told is "just around the corner" in a few more years, it will be here!

YouTube and other venues proclaim our "soon to come" lives of more ease and convenience

Self driving cars, robots that will clean our homes or run our businesses .... why we won't need to lift a finger and we surely won't need to worry about any medical challenges or physical infirmities because...

there's an AP for that ... an Assistance based Personal program or provision.

Science Fiction becoming daily life?

When did we step into the pages of those long ago Science Fiction Comics or novels?

What happened to "the fruits of our labor" concepts?

How about a "good days' work" and "contributing to the family or to society"?

What form of economic change will it take to open our eyes and allow us to see we've turned away, walked away and often closed our eyes to so many challenges "others" have.

Oh, we donate and we contribute but how many truly add the level of commitment of ongoing involvement?

Where have the voices raised by the children of the 60's gone? Are they growing older and less audible and are we focusing on the "capable" and "outstanding in their fields of endeavor" so as not to see what's really ahead?

Who will rise to speak again?  The Millennials?  Those held back and those who may be shackled by debt from education not resulting in employment and many of whom are still reaching up, reaching out and trying other ways to "have the American dream" realized by so many just a few years older than they are.

Two eras of births in our immediate family:  Generation X and Millennial.

The older had their college dream realized; they found jobs; they started their climb into "arriving" at a place equal to their parents or beyond.

The younger has struggled with the challenges of caring for a father and grandmother. Challenges not shared equally by her siblings. 

Was it because she was "the girl", "the daughter", "the grand-daughter"? Because the others "lived far away"? 

Or were those the easy ways to explain their ability to move on, to get ahead and to grow farther and faster than she may be able?

She's not angry, resentful or in any way negative about the situation. 

She's not alone. 

Others in her generation are struggling for other reasons and together they're creating a "new generation". 

Their generation is defined by "New Economics" and forces not seen since before the "Baby Boomers", their parents and grandparent's generations.

I see this group as just beginning to define itself and not be defined by those who do not know, who do not see and who only want to "categorize" them as they used to those in my generation -- as a group, as numbers, as statistics.

Now we replace our parents as they depart -- each generation in its own time.

Who's writing this his/her/story, anyway?  
You and I or "they" and "them".

Take note, Gen X'ers and Millennials -- the only real difference is where we are in the great scheme of things that are and are to come. 

There will be no difference unless YOU make the difference. 

A tale as old as time . . . 

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