Friday, January 6, 2017

Liabilities and Assets: Value Determined

It's interesting how advice or focuses from some who are in positions of comfort and security always seem to be more authoritative and knowledgeable even when they do not make good, common sense.

We have struggled and are still in the process of regaining our lives since the deaths in our immediate family and we are often seen as making "errors" in decisions others choose to point out or to question through general statements which we understand are meant for us to "consider, examine and choose another action".

Had a recent conversation where a "home" was described as a liability and "renting" was far more reasonable and responsible as a decision. 

The explanation was in finance there are two sides to the balance sheet -- assets and liabilities-- and since a home needed constant attention and repair, etc., it was a liability.

The person speaking owned a home, and it wasn't their first home. Interesting how they chose not to follow their own "beliefs" and actually practice what they preach.

If it was such great advice, such sound practice, why begin or continue this practice? 

Why add more money to a "liability" and increase the level in purchasing a home of higher value? 

Ownership of land and property used to be solely in the hands of the upper class and often conferred upon individuals as a reward for service to a monarch or authority.

Do we want to return to this concept or retain our American definition of home ownership as a goal to strive for along with education and employment?

As a "Democracy", we believe in the individual and their abilities and possibilities and have struggled to ensure everyone had the choice of where and how to live as we instituted laws and practices opening private and public places to more accessability.

One could just as easily, and some have in various works of fiction, describe life itself as a liability. 

The body and the needs and wants of the body are certainly constant and require expenditures of energy and cost to maintain -- food, clothing, shelter etc.

We take up space. We use valuable resources.

Children. Certainly a liability there. But if we all chose not to have any -- where would we be as a species?

Those with physical and mental limitations -- accomodating their needs is certainly a monetary and space challenge.

The older population. What? Not productive? What value do they serve?

VALUE. RISK. What measuring methods are we willing to use to make a point, to ensure others "conform" to a specific way of thinking and acting?

Insurance companies evaluate the "risks" every day of providing "coverage" and "procedures" based on evaluations of how this affects their bottom line, which is essentially their "assets" and "liabilities".

Human Nature, humanity itself, is not so callous.

We see value and beauty beyond what can be measured and what appears to be useful.

Have not nations gone to war over "rights" and "responsibilities" they want to have or retain?

Freedoms are assets and they are liabilities. 

We cannot draw a straight line in the sand and divide this basic of our society into separate categories.

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