Thursday, March 30, 2017

Thank You! This Blog Is Making A Difference in People's Lives

This is a very focused website. By that, I mean, it's not on a subject nor does it have content large numbers of people would search for and  would generally pick up to read.

We should, of course, we're all aging. We're all facing life challenges and being prepared, having knowledge, working now to ensure a better future for times when we cannot work in this way.....

This being said, I am so grateful you and others have made the time to find this site. To read the entries. To understand my quest to share knowledge and to help others who caregive, who deal with life and death. 

As I write this entry there are over 18,900+ page views and adding more each day. Thank You! 

I see my journey of sharing our challenges, our misfortunes and our exploration of possibilities to raise awareness and be an agent of change is making a difference.

I continue to go on line, revisit various websites I've mentioned and find THERE ARE SOME CHANGES that have been made.

It's a start. We need to get to the finish line: transparency, immediate and accurate information provided to the general public and information provided in a clear, concise way that uses modern technology to give accurate current information along with accurate historical information.

Baby Boomers are on the front lines of caring for Senior family members and friends, the Gen Xers and Millennials are walking in our footprints. 

Last night at a special showing of the new movie, which I highly recommend seeing, "Going In Style", a theme interwoven is the responsibility of world societies to ensure the care of their oldest members. Laughed and laughed while seeing another wonderful theme -- aging is natural, aging opens doors to new opportunities while bringing more value to life and living.

What I loved about the movie was how it showcased the "real" Senior population --
  • Often living long distances from family members
  • Keeping or initiating new relationships including finding companionship, and yes "relations" -- so much is made today of "ED" everyone thinks you're incapable and not interested as you grow older and so glad to see this movie shows these concepts are myths perpetrated by a society who isolates itself from seeing the reality of aging is caused by a society that focuses inward instead of outward.
  • The self focus of corporations and businesses who value only what is best for them, not considering those who gave them this opportunity through years of dedication, hard work and often health problems associated with the job
Gen Xers really need to go. Many are self absorbed and need to get out of their own lives and see the real world around them. Get involved like many of the Millennials. 

The challenges we resolve benefit all the generations giving everyone more freedom, more peace of mind, and above all safety, security and a higher quality of life.

As is my practice, sharing information, raising awareness is the goal of this website. 

Across the board, it's about Lewy Body Dementia, families, caregivers, life and living with Dementia of all types and our experiences to enlighten, assure and be agents of change. 

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