Wednesday, May 1, 2019

Stepping Aside, Standing Up, The Waiting Game

Another life's journey walking this time with a friend down the path leading to.......

When should we "let go" and "just let it happen" even if we believe the journey should never had started, was a "push into" and is done with steps not of love but of getting tired of having to do?

DHSS WHERE ARE YOU?  So secretive. So sensitive. Hidden behind closed doors my friend labors through a fight she has no control over; she's given meds, heavy doses of antipsychotic drugs, all with claims "they're needed" and all with the "blessing" and "formal acceptable procedure" of a Dr writing the script allowing daily doses of multiple types. And the DHSS?  One female representative told us "If the Dr prescribed it, it's needed." REALLY?  Wonder how often she's resided in LTC?

WHERE ARE YOU, DEAR READER?  Why isn't there an outcry among the population? Do we really believe Dr's are "perfect" and "can do no harm"?

WHAT CENTURY ARE WE LIVING IN?  Dr's CONTROL medical situations in Long Term Care. They work FOR the facility; they're given the "appointment", they're "selected" by the Facility. So who do you think they please --- the patient, the family? THINK AGAIN.

Outside the walls, the windows and the doors our loved ones wait, watch while they can -- and know......they lose their ability to speak up, or it's made silent.

WHY?  Staffing. It's challenging to hear the calls of someone who NEEDS help. Sleeping or drugged in bed, their bodies lose fluids and solids and you can turn them when you have time and attend to changing them.....when you have time.

OVERWORKED. I hear that a great deal. WE'RE CAUSING CHALLENGES WITH OUR REPORTS.....our caring for and about those they agreed to care for.

COMMODITIES.  Valued for their worth?  If medicated, add that to the billing. Watch to see what's "allowed" and what's "devalued" in level of payment to the facility.

Even Non Profits have to keep their doors open and if this has to be done to one....or is, after all, for the "common good", right?

DOLLARS AND NO SENSE as a measurement of human value 

But these are BUSINESSES.  Not For Profit or For Profit entities.

After all.....there's another "bus" coming along any minute.....Seniors are growing older every day and their numbers.....well, we've seen the Statistics.

It's the biggest opportunity out there and if you can make them another "SILENT MAJORITY" have a gold mine that just keeps giving.

HARSH?  UNFAIR?  NOT TRUE?  I wish. You should be doing more than wishing because we're all headed down that road and it's a fearful one.

Think you have enough money to get through it well?  Maybe. There are pitfalls most of us do not see, cannot see and won't see -- and we may not have anyone who really does or cares.

LIFE IS WHAT YOU MAKE IT?  Yes, it is. What will you do today to learn the truth, work for change and protect the most vulnerable of our society -- those in Long Term Care who are past the time of being "profitable" for the Long Term.

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