Friday, June 14, 2024

Battle of the Ages

Ever notice how age has become a "mention" in many conversations and on the internet?

It's fascinating to me how certain age groups are brought to the front and have "top standing" for a while soon to be replaced by one that's younger, more "cutting edge" and less "conforming'.

Boomers or Seniors have become the "adversaries of the day" being promoted as sitting on wealth, not "having to work" and able to enjoy "the good life".

Why when someone "covets" what another person or group has achieved and retains become so "necessary and wanted" do these "groups" find numerous ways to criticize and attack to try to gain control and push others "out of the way"?

Those of you in your 20's, on your own, formed a relationship, perhaps married and beginning a family or wanting to "share a home" with others to have more room and a nicer location -- you have far better prospects than the Seniors you're trying to displace, move on or out.

"Seniors" doesn't mean reaching a certain age -- it's defined by knowledge, usage, ability and access to technology capable of continually adjusting to "the next" innovation and advancement.

Leaders in yesterday's classes would still lead today, it's the person, not the decade.

Simply put, age isn't the definer in society, it's accessibility and ability -- where, when, how long and in what ways determining where and how people live, work and survive.

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