Monday, December 28, 2015

Florida Leading The Way In Full Disclosure on Senior Care Facilities Violations Made Public

Here  we "grow" again!  Meaning I'm learning, sharing and together we're adding to what we know about caring for others and ourselves in those "later years".

I start working on a project, get involved and always seem to find my way back to information about Senior Living or "Mature Adult Care" as I'm finding seems to be a new age description of life after 50. (Although some would say since 50 is the "new" 40 and Long Term Care is usually for people far beyond that "portal" of five decades.)

I was actually looking for a different work position. The job I have is ok but not using my experience and falls far short of keeping my brain stimulated much less adding to my knowledge and capabilities. I'm not ready to be a machine and crank out more of the same, I want challenge, I need to feel I'm positively contributing to my life and my community. 

Brain challenge. Positive activity. It's what most of us need and want in life. It's important for children and adults and even when the brain is challenged and incapable of performing at the highest levels.

Several mouse clicks later, I stumble on this website about how Florida is "shining the light" on facilities in their counties who provide what they call "Assisted Living" but seems more like the level of "Long Term Care" in Missouri.

On May 18, 2015, I wrote a blog entry "Way To Go North Carolina, Wake Up Other States" commending their inclusion of specific information reporting on Senior Residential facilities with statistics at a glance and a clearer reporting of violations and fines. 

You can click through on the title of the blog entry to read what I wrote at that time.

Who's next? Or who's also following this enlightening lead?

Let me know, readers, if you've checked your state and found any others that reveal these direct and far more informative statistics and updates on Care Giving in Residential Facilities. 

Make a comment and give me a website and I'll share it.

We're making a difference, you as readers and I in posting as we climb above the 10,000 mark. Love to see that double and with your input, we'll all be more informed!

REMEMBER:  We live, learn and grow together when we share information and help others today while building a better tomorrow for ourselves and those who come after us.

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