Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Undue Influence Preys On Elderly and Families

Undue Influence is a predator.     It stalks and it strikes. 

It waits for opportunity then selects the weakest members to target.

The Elderly and their families.

Individuals who are isolated or confined, under stress and weakened physically, financially, emotionally and socially.

Knowing possible habits, behaviors and identifying possible descriptions of Undue Influence's actions may provide a higher rate of survival and hopefully an ability to avoid the entrapment and potential destruction of lives and relationship.

What is Undue Influence:

"Undue influence is the misuse of one's role and power to exploit the trust, dependence, and fear of another to deceptively gain control over that person's decision in a particular matter"  Read more at a great site, Center For Elders and Courts

Actions, words and/or deeds that seek to obtain financial gain, control or influence, power over another human being.

No one is exempt from this predator and you do not have to have great wealth or obvious assets to be targeted by those who practice Undue Influence.

Skillsets of the Undue Influence Predator Often Include

  • Stepping in to offer help or becoming close to the victim
  • Inserting themselves into the life of the victim 
  • Blending in to their surroundings
  • Usually less socially active and involved in organizations or groups unless membership or participation provides access to victim(s)
  • Information is limited when you ask them questions and subjects are changed or they don't have time, rushing off to "help" someone else
  • Managing time to control and create dependency through providing and removing their presence and attention; being late, forgetting to perform a task, provide a service or obtain a requested item
  • Often in positions commonly given immediate trust and using those positions authoritatively 
For some, it fills a need in their lives, it provides control when someone feels a part or all of their life is not fully in their control. 

Sadly, this never ends as there is a need for this "fix" this "high" and once the Undue Influencer has accomplished their purpose, they must move on, they must find another victim.

It can also be a means of getting what someone has simply because of jealousy, envy or desire.

Be ever vigilent.

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