Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Drug Abuse of Seniors Is Cause for Concern

QUESTION:  Do we give children drugs when they fantasize? When they have "pretend" playmates? When they dress up and "become" someone they saw in a movie, read about in a book or invented their own "playmate" or "companion"?

Or, do we see this as a part of a child's development, even if not all children experience this "state of mind"?

What are the statistics of how much of our Senior population both inside facilities and living outside their walls are on drugs to "alter" behaviour or "adjust" their lives?

What research has been done to determine how commonly prescribed drugs for blood flow and circulation or water retention might affect the brain and cause delusions and hallucinations?

NOTE: Reading the advisories on many prescription drugs commonly given to the elderly a side effect can be disturbed sleep patterns, impaired vision, etc. 

WHY AREN'T WE CONSIDERING MEDICATIONS IN THE ELDERLY  as a primary source of many of the "symptoms" we now associate with the Dementias?

What exactly is "normal"?  Who within our society determines what's acceptable?

  • Behaviours that once were cause for arrest and imprisonment as "deviant" are now allowed
  • Actions that once violated State laws are now being adjusted to allow practice and participation
  • Individuals who were once subjugated for the color of their skin, religious practices or speaking a language other than English 


We, those of us who join together and those of us who raise our voices, are the ways and means for change and for reform

WHAT IF:  Delusions were occurring in Seniors similar to daydreams and fantasies in children -- a way of occupying time, escaping unwanted situations or even a means of "mind exercise" -- signs of creativity and/or confusion with the world they lived in?

WHAT IF:  Delusions and hallucinations were being "placed" by people with ulterior motives -- gaining undue influence and/or control of the person and/or their possessions?

WHAT IF:  Delusions and hallucinations were simply memories that no longer could be singularly separated and filed away for easy access but were "jumbled" and "tumbled" together due to information being inaccessible or "misfiled" due to circulatory problems?

WHAT IF: A primary cause of Delusions and Hallucinations were the "common" medications given to the elderly for medical challenges -- either a drug sensitivity, reaction or even overdose.


Fund Geriatric and Neurological Research and protect one of our most valuable resources, those who have contributed and given their lives in so many ways for their families, their communities and their country.

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