Friday, January 19, 2024

What Is Forgiveness?


Is it turning away, offering the "other cheek",  saying you "forgive" even when the abuse continues?

Why have we become a society that "honors" forgiveness above all?

Why do we believe we MUST forgive to be "forgiven"?

Why do some religions believe one person acting on behalf of a higher "power" has been granted the exclusive right, the privilege to "forgive" and so one can go, confess and receive "forgiveness"?

What about the person who has been violated, harmed or their life or death affected by the actions of another?

Once upon a time there were gradients of "sin" and recognition that "sin" was, rather than today's philosophy that we can categorize certain actions and "dismiss" them if they are "moved to another realm" -- the realm of "mankind's" responsibility and therefore not within "the church's" responsibility?

I admit I don't understand and the older I become the less I do.

The only thing I seem to see is the person who is "forgiving" of another releases the power held by another in providing forgiveness. 

Or do they?

When the action, the words, the deeds continue, how can forgiveness accomplish a release for the peson who has been and continues to be "wronged" by another or others.

Why should a person or an entity be allowed to be "above" regular law and to condone through silence any and all transgressions from those who may appear to be "practioners" of theirs?

Have we become so willing to forgive and forget we've surrendered our lives to being manipulated and controlled?

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