Monday, August 14, 2023

Shock & Awe: CBS Morning News Reporter Brushes Off COVID-19

The following was written while still deep in COVID. I held onto it, finally published it on March 20, 2020, in reviewing noticed some areas that needed expansion so today, August 14, 2023, going over my "work" I decided to review and add a few comments and then publish.


Today I thought I was listening to three early morning commentators who were focused and understood the severity of the warnings and the guidelines for COVID-19 as I watched the CBS Morning News.

Behind the scenes, in "real" life, apparently it's "life as usual" for those who stand or sit before us and offer to tell us "what's best" and "how we should get through" this life challenge.

Anthony Mason actually shocked me this morning when a segment meant to show how some late teen/twenty somethings were on the beaches, at restaurants and bars and basically "laughing" in the face of this killer bug because they thought "It's not coming for me, so why should I care?" showed how he wasn't taking seriously the level of this world encompassing problem has been and continues to be.

IMPORTANT:  I know many people of all ages who do not act this way and they are to be commended for their mature approach to life as they will continue to be enabled and enable others. I applaud and support them; they are amazing.

My point about Anthony Mason, not sure about his age but he's listed as 63 -- old enough to know better but possibly believing he isn't "that old" the COVID-19 will come for him, recounted how his daughter  had told him recently he shouldn't be going to "the Gym" and Mr. Mason said, it's not closed yet so I can still go.

Could this be the exact type of "think" that has grown and developed COVID-19 to the level we're at and climbing so high we're considering using Cruise Ships and Major Hotels as "hospitals" or places for people: 

What I want, what I need, what's best "for me"? Can we not think rationally and realistically without "someone" making rules we have to obey rather than knowing when we should be capable of thinking rationally and realistically about our actions and behaviours effect on others?

Mr. Mason, you're reacting like one of those on the beach. It's something you want to do and since there's no one taking an action to stop you from doing it, what's the harm .... to you.

And, I do understand the financial effect as this is one of several life challenges 

That's the point, Mr. Mason, we're being told "we're all in this together" but the reality is some of "us" are still believing "we" are above and beyond and can do what we chose at least until someone forces us into "complying".

Where have ALL the flowers gone....When will we learn, when will we ever learn -- to quote a popular song from the 60's. Read and listen carefully -- not one type, not one age, ALL. 

Like a "bee", you're moving from flower to flower "polinating" from what's in/on your body and you don't even notice it because you believe IF I DON'T SHOW SIGNS, IF I FEEL ALL RIGHT, there is no problem for you or for anyone else.

COVID-19 is like other types of serious diseases -- mumps, measles, chicken pox and more serious types -- some people can be carriers and not affected. Innoculations are critical and so is using common sense to realize we can't always know when we become infected, how it happened, if we're even a carrier.

Almost all of the people who "survived" the last epidemics that were highly dangerous are no longer with us even though they made it through WWI, WWII, The Great Depression, The Gold Crisis, SARS and so much more. 

They left records, wrote journals, passed down oral history -- take time to read or listen to their stories of depression, oppression and survival through caring for and about others.

Yes, Some listen. Some understand. Some try to educate.

In today's "tech world", where so many voices are raised all at the same time, perhaps it's just gotten too  challenging to sift through the "noise" to get to what's important.

It isn't "all about me", it's "all about we" -- turn that  one letter upside down and it's world changing.

See the reality of everyday and every way you and I are dependent on others, dependent on what they do, dependent on how so many must take jobs others would not consider -- from trash to those who maintain our buildings and our homes and beyond.

They need our recognition. 
Now and in the future we're trying to ensure.

What we forget, Anthony, are lessons we may need to be taught again. 

Why this world event? Why now?   Why Not.

Reach for the Stars, Anthony, reach out and encourage each person to find at least one other person they can add to their "family" of mankind through assisting and encouraging.

Go to your shelves and closets of what you believe you'll need and find a person or family you can help. 

When we sacrifice we understand what those who went before us actually did. 

For some this means finding a resource for this person because -- they don't know anyone; not in their "circle of life".

That's the real challenge, Anthony.

Many of us have circles that are closed and exclusive when we aren't reaching out to find ways and people who really need help -- the overlooked, the overworked and the over challenged -- just to survive another day, week or month.

Giving when we have is easy. 

Giving from what we may need but choose to share is character that has been missing or mislaid for a very long time in many ways by many people.

You have the ear and the eye of the public, Anthony.

Remember they're listening. They're learning. 
And, many will do as you do.

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