Saturday, June 25, 2016

Parkinsons: Sister Disease to Lewy Body Dementia

Muhammed Ali was laid to rest; his greatest battle was with Parkinsons, sister Dementia to Lewy Body Dementia.

They're all related, the Dementias; they are diseases attacking the brain, slowly reducing and often completely taking away capacity and capability. 

Some, like Alzheimer's are the robbers, stealing completely what they find. 

Others, like Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia inhibit, then limit and finally remove ability and capability while providing a battleground the strongest manage to wage war upon and fight until all the reserves, the remainders, are weakened or destroyed.

Praises for Muhammed Ali's fighting against the disease were given by those high and wide in society; from Presidents to people on the street. 

What isn't being said as loudly is this is a battle we should all be fighting, all be aware exists and should be fought on every street corner, in every group and organization and every individual home. AWARENESS. ACTION. ALIGNMENT.

Awareness. It's a disease; like any other it has a root, a basis and there can be actions and decisions made to conquer it as we are conquering other major life changing diseases like Cancer and Heart disease/problems.

Action. Realizing this killer stalks and preys on people who have been involved in sports involving hard contact with the head -- football, wrestling, soccer, prize fighting, to name a few -- and people with no history of exposing their bodies to physical abuse. Why? What are the similarities when there's such a difference in how someone chooses to live, to work, to play?

Alignment. Understanding Dementia is not a disease of age, it's a disease of circumstances we do not yet understand.


Like Cancer in the beginning we're just becoming aware there are many possibilities and potentials for "contracting" the disease -- maybe some genetic, maybe some lifestyles, maybe some environmental, maybe some we're yet to discover.

YOU and I hold the keys to this Pandora's Box through becoming involved in learning, observing and raising our voices loudly and long for more understsanding, more information, more realization that Dementia isn't relegated nor is it always "natural" as we grow older.


What can we learn and do with knowledge to begin to understand and eventually prevent the mushrooming cloud of Dementia from overcoming society as Cancer has done for so long.

When do we realize through sharing medical information, insights and conjectures, we gain a world where we can focus on living together more harmoniously and more equally.

Where will we go from here, from another loss of life to a group of Diseases that kill slowly and challenges the weakest and the strongest among us.

How will you live today and tomorrow? 

Will you live in fear or finding ways to learn, to combat and to eventually eradicate Dementia as we're working so long and so hard against many other diseases.

Your future is in your hands; the future of those you love and care about depends on your choices.

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