Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Fault Finding Journey With My Family and Others

We have people in our lives who believe we've had the experiences we did because we failed in so many ways.

They've not faced the storms of life where all you can do is hang on and survive the moment for however long it lasts. 

They've not had challenges where you could see no end in sight and where multiple "waves" of more challenges come forcefully at you as you struggle to survive.

Those who are fortunate, who have never had multiple continuous adversity do not understand how fortunate they are. 

There are parts of life that take longer, provide more and continuing obstacles and require continuous survival actions. 

People do not always create or have control over their lives.

The general consensus of many is "if you plan right, if you save enough, if you put everything in place" life will be easier and go smoothly.  

Marketing and advertising for all kinds of insurance and investments bombards us with this message in all media.

Dreams can become nightmares caused by life beyond your control and even beyond your foreseeing, planning for and anticipation.

We live life, the American Dream, believing tomorrow will be better. 

We try to take advantage of opportunities. That sometimes incurs sacrifices. 

Those of us who have learned theirs is not a life of "luck" but one of hard work and sacrifice realize the tide of life can bring in the beautiful sea shells on the beach and it can also become a Tsunami destroying everything in its sight.

We could have made different decisions. Of course. Especially with hindsight instead of being forced into the moment and expected to make an instantaneous determination -- as medical and other decisions often can be.

With real life, you have limited access to information, even in today's tech world, that is accurate and applicable. It's also a question of reliablity and where the gain can be realized by the person or entity providing it.

What some fail to see is the amazing opportunities and life we were able to provide not just for ourselves and our family but for others as we made decisions touching others in positive ways and giving outside of ourselves.

My philosophy, for what it's worth:

We should live believing in the beauty of the sunrise and the sunset and the coming day after the long night. 

Life involves taking risks, realizing opportunities and believing in yourself and those around you who you value and support.

More money would not have changed the devastating effects of actions taken by the hospital and medical care given my husband that began our nightmare journey. 

Medical costs and personal costs cannot be measured in dollars and cents but in what we give of ourselves throughout our lives.

Family members, friends and others benefited from decisions we, me especially, made over the years. They seem to ignore that part of the past they love to tear apart.

If someone finds fault with you, your life, your choices, look to what they want, what they need and why they choose to find fault. 

As I was taught many years ago, point one finger and look where the other four are pointing, right back at you!

Life isn't always according to your plan.

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