Thursday, September 14, 2023

Run Run As Fast As We Can -- COVID 19's On The Rise Again

Lest We Forget -- COVID was a warning; wrote the content of most of this entry April 30, 2020 during the disease's morphing as it would continue without full realization and recognition by growing numbers who believed "the worst was past".  

We "slipped into" believing it "will pass" and "be over" and all will "return to normal again".

Diseases morph and change; sometimes for the better, sometimes they take on new shapes, forms and provide more challenges.

We were a Nation always on the move except for the last several weeks when "restrictions" were put in place in all States to try to stop the rapid advance of the killing fields of COVID-19.

Some States seemed to "play down" and even "push aside" their statistics; they appeared to believe if they didn't "talk about it" the significance and effect would be lower.


while appearing to be giving information and statistics to "prove" the voracity of what self serving areas know they must have to "survive".

Interesting how we started "trusting" heads of State governments and bobbing our heads up and down in agreement ....if what they say will take us out of this boring situation full of challenges and change.

States asserted their rights and decided to ease or remove in part or in whole the restrictions to stay home and some schools are even talking about restarting, classes during the Summer or other "possibilities" to resume "in person" teaching.

TICK. TOCK. We can't bear to watch the clock, we can't bear to be "confined" and so we start to let slide common sense, caring about others and --just-- return to normal --because deaths are going down, hospitalizations are falling....or are they?


Listening to the Governor of Florida cite statistics about admissions to hospitals going down and the many "actions" taken to "protect" Florida's extensive Long Term Care population; what will we actually discover once this time has passed about the lockdowns, refusal to allow contact and actual number of deaths attributable to living conditions unacceptable during the best of times, killing fields during the worst of times.

A little slippage, a few lawsuits. If it had been nurseries, there would have been a mass picketing of the medical facilities but if there were, we did not hear just as LTC's were quick to "discount" their high death tolls to "the cost of aging" the hospitals just referred to a "higher mortality rate" due to other factors like age of the mother, lack of medical care or nationality.

Many returned to using mass and individual transportation to go where they want, when they  want or need to 24/7 in major metropolitan areas and small rural communities as well. Deaths increased but people became "oblivious" if it didn't directly affect them or a family member. We'd grown a "second skin" and it was "us" versus "them".

PREDICTION:  This major life event will be replaced by others, more tragic, more traumatic, and then those will be historical and others will rise to the top. 

Lessons. We don't really learn them. Many ignore the time and the lesson knowing we'll move past or at least some of us will. 

Deaths don't matter. If a friend, well, that just happens, doesn't it? They'll be missed. A family member? We mourn, we recall, we move forward -- seldom do we ask "why". 

Acceptance allows return to recycling more chaos.

Ignorence is NOT best and neither is Ignoring.

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